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Welcome to Knowledge Highschool

  • Our Motto

    “Transforming lives of individual by imparting 21st century skills, ethics, values and inspiring lifelong learning for greater achievements.”

    ‘Knowledge’ is highly renowned and well established name in the world of education in Anand district. In the year 2006-07, 0ur Honorable Chairman Mr. Rajesh Chauhan with his dream of providing quality education in the region of ‘Charotar’ established this institute with only 40 students. ‘Knowledge’ has reached an exponential growth since then.

    While expanding its horizon in 2013-14, Knowledge Group has started operation in Vallabh Vidya Nagar (The Education Hub of Gujarat), Anand reaching the milestone of 4000 students. We patronage more than 300 human talents in the form of highly experienced and dedicated teachers along with professional administrative team. Knowledge Group, right from its inception, has produced brilliant results incessantly in Board Exam and destined to one of the top schools of Gujarat. It has engendered more than 100 Doctors and 1500 Engineers in a very short span of time. Recently, Knowledge Group has secured as many as 41 admissions in medical field thus setting higher standards every year.

Knowledge Highschool
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